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    Apr '16

    Ethiopia Video with Apex Expeditions

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    This Ethiopia video was produced by field leader, Marco Tonoli, on a recent Apex expedition.

    Fascinating Ethiopia

    At the cultural crossroads of Africa and straddling the Great Rift Valley, Ethiopia is an enigmatic land like no other. The continent’s only country to have avoided Western colonization, it boasts a rare historical depth going back through medieval dynasties and the evolution of a religion to the reign of King Solomon. Awesome stone-hewn churches, medieval castles and great stelae all bear testament to this proud history, eclipsed in grandeur only by its landscapes. From the lofty peaks of the Simien Escarpment and its charismatic, endemic wildlife to the flamingo-studded soda lakes of the Great Rift Valley, from lake monasteries at the source of the Blue Nile to lip plates, scarification and body painting in the villages of the Omo Valley, this is raw Africa at its most dramatic and alluring.

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