Iceland in Spring Tour photo showing the northern lights


Visit Iceland in the quiet of early spring—the season of snow, ice, and the ethereal northern lights.

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Seychelles cruise underwater photo of butterflyfish on reef


Explore palm-fringed shores, swim with rainbow-hued fish, and gaze at seabirds hovering overhead.

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Image of Perrier's Sifaka in Madagascar


Meet the lively lemurs and colorful chameleons of Madagascar, one of the most remarkable wildlife destinations on Earth.

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British Isles and Norway Cruise photo of Atlantic Puffins

Wild Britain & Norway

See an array of archaeological sites, stunning scenery, and rugged cliffs alive with massive seabird colonies.

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Colombia nature & cultural tours picture of Howler Monkeys


Discover ancient ruins and vibrant local culture as well as stunning natural spaces and wildlife.

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Featured Expedition: Kenya December 2 - 15, 2021

Apex is thrilled to announce a brand new, ambitious itinerary featuring the best that Kenya has to offer! Join us on this ultimate air safari through four of Kenya’s most remote private game reserves. You’ll discover the Masai Mara’s endless plains, the impossibly-rich thorn savannahs at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, the shores of fabled Lake Turkana, and the Laikipia Plateau, where Black and White Rhinos still roam free.


Featured Blog: Apex Adopts Baby Pangolin to Support WildAid

In celebration of World Pangolin Day 2021, Apex announced the name of the baby White-bellied Pangolin we adopted from WildAid that will be released back into the wild. We have named the pangolin, “Neil,” suggested by loyal Apex traveler, Karen Hoffman. She wrote the lyrics to a special song called “Sweet Pangolin” on her Apex safari in South Africa, sung to Neil Diamond’s 1969 hit, “Sweet Caroline.”


Featured Video: 10th Anniversary of the Pincoya Storm Petrel

In February 2011, Apex co-founder and seabird expert Peter Harrison organized and led the five-person international expedition team that made the remarkable discovery of the Pincoya Storm Petrel. On this 10th anniversary, Peter reflects on what was one of the biggest events of his professional life and what a rare opportunity he has had, as an artist, to paint a species that he himself discovered.