Canadian Arctic Greenland Cruise portrait of a Polar Bear

Hudson Bay, Baffin Island, Greenland

Cruise the High Arctic in search of Polar Bears, Belugas, Narwhals, and Muskoxen.


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Banda Sea dive trip image of Blue-green Chromis swimming over reef

Banda Sea

Discover a vibrant reef system with Manta Rays, sea turtles, spectacular hard corals, and colorful reef fish.

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South Africa safaris slide of reclining Leopard in a tree

Secret South Africa

Go off the beaten path to explore South Africa's biologically diverse and less frequented savannahs and shores.

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Ethiopia travel image showing a Gelada in Simien National Park


Stunning landscapes, rare wildlife and remarkable tribespeople combine on this comprehensive exploration.

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Raja Ampat cruise image of Whale Sharks

Spice Islands, Raja Ampat & West Papua

Swim with graceful Whale Sharks and snorkel among the world’s richest coral gardens.

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Oman travel image of Wahiba Sands tented camp

Oman & Jordan

Discover the rich history, natural wonders, and architectural treasures of these two captivating countries.

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Just Announced: Ethiopia 2021 Now Open for Reservations!

If there is one destination that continues to fascinate Apex travelers and field leaders alike, it is Ethiopia. Promising a kaleidoscope of religious sites, stunning landscapes, rare wildlife and remarkable tribespeople, this is raw Africa at its most alluring. If you haven't traveled on our signature Ethiopia trip, make 2021 the year you join us!

Featured Blog: Saving the Laysan Albatross

Midway Atoll is the largest Laysan Albatross colony in the world with three million seabirds nesting here each year. These seabirds are now facing a fierce enemy—invasive, predatory mice. In this article, Apex co-founder and seabird expert, Peter Harrison, discusses efforts to restore Midway Atoll and save the Laysan Albatross.

Featured Video: 2019 Wildlife Photo Journal

We are delighted to share some of our favorite highlights from 2019 as our curious and adventurous Apexers encountered Mountain Gorillas, Bee Hummingbirds, Polar Bears, Bengal Tigers, One-horned Rhinos, Ethiopian Wolves, Forest Elephants, and more. We're excited for the discoveries that lie ahead in 2020.