Iceland in Spring Tour photo showing the northern lights


Visit Iceland in the quiet of early spring—the season of snow, ice, and the ethereal northern lights.

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Seychelles cruise underwater photo of butterflyfish on reef


Explore palm-fringed shores, swim with rainbow-hued fish, and gaze at seabirds hovering overhead.

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Image of Perrier's Sifaka in Madagascar


Meet the lively lemurs and colorful chameleons of Madagascar, one of the most remarkable wildlife destinations on Earth.

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British Isles and Norway Cruise photo of Atlantic Puffins

Wild Britain & Norway

See an array of archaeological sites, stunning scenery, and rugged cliffs alive with massive seabird colonies.

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Colombia nature & cultural tours picture of Howler Monkeys


Discover ancient ruins and vibrant local culture as well as stunning natural spaces and wildlife.

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Featured Expedition: Seychelles April 15–27, 2022

Snorkelers, seabirders, and island-hoppers alike will love this new expedition aboard the elegant Silver Explorer to the spectacular Seychelles. The pristine beaches, majestic cliffs, palm-fringed shores and cerulean waters of these islands hold a staggering diversity of life. Swim with rainbow-hued fish, gaze at seabirds hovering overhead, and get up-close with the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.

Featured Blog: SEABIRDS: The New Identification Guide

“All my life, I have never wanted to be the best, simply to do my best,” says Peter Harrison. Without a doubt, SEABIRDS: The New Identification Guide will be my life’s major work. But it took more than just me. I had many people who helped and supported me along the way, and enabled me to produce a book that I am very proud of.

Featured Video: Protected Safe Havens Offer Hope for Rhinos

In this video, Apex field leader Liam Rainier discusses the plight of endangered rhinos in southern Africa and the protected safe havens that have been created within vast tracts of land to form suitable habitat for both White and Black Rhino populations to thrive. These safe havens may, in fact, end up saving these species.