Reef scene from cruise Bali to Cairns

Bali to Cairns

Explore Indonesia’s spectacular island landscapes, lush forests, and reef-filled waters.

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Colombia travel photo of Caña Cristales in La Macarena


Discover ancient ruins and vibrant local culture, along with stunning natural spaces and wildlife.

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Madagascar tours image of a Coquerel's Sifaka in mid air.


Meet the lively lemurs and colorful chameleons of Madagascar, one of the most remarkable wildlife destinations on Earth.

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Serengeti wildebeest migration

Tanzania's Serengeti

Witness Africa’s most celebrated wildlife spectacle, the Great Migration.

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Featured Expedition: Costa Rica to Chile

Trace the west coast of South America from Puntarenas to Valparaíso with an expert team of Apex expedition leaders. Discover wildlife-rich Cocos Island, snorkel with sea turtles at Salango Island, see pre-Columbian pyramids in bustling Lima, and explore the Atacama Desert including the surreal Atacama Salt Flats. Join us!

Featured Blog: Protecting Raja Ampat

At Apex, we believe in exploring the wonders of our wild world and conserving these wonders for future generations. This is why we are pleased to support the Misool Foundation that is working hard to protect the marine life of Raja Ampat.

Featured Video: Why Travel to Madagascar

In this video, expedition leader and Madagascar expert, Marco Tonoli, shares his excitement for the wildlife and habitats of Madagascar along with some stunning images and video footage he captured on recent Apex expeditions.