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Apex Expeditions specializes in biologically and culturally unique travel experiences that explore the world’s most fascinating places. Our expeditions are inspired by a passion for true exploration and a desire to better understand our ever-changing and increasingly threatened planet. We seek the hard to find, the elusive and endangered. We tread lightly and engage locally in small groups led by expert leaders who impart their knowledge and experience with passion. These expeditions are designed to bring curious, like-minded travelers together for the ultimate wildlife encounters and cultural exchanges. Each year, the selection of expeditions offered will change as we build upon the experiences, encounters and destinations, providing unique year-to-year travel experiences that are not to be missed.

Tread Lightly and Engage Locally

What does this really mean? Basically, we want (Apex) to talk the talk and walk the walk. This concept is born out of a shared desire and vision to make a positive impact and give a little back to this wondrous world. We do what we do because we are passionate about the planet: the places we visit, the people we meet and the animals we seek. It makes sense, in this case, to help preserve the integrity of these elements in any way we can. At Apex, we feel we can achieve this by engaging with the local people, respecting and celebrating their unique cultures, and importantly, helping them to preserve their wilderness areas. Our goal is to be part of a healthy, sustainable future and so, from the office to the field, we will be seeking ways to support this vision.

Each Apex expedition will support destination-specific conservation programs aimed at preserving the local economy and ecology.

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Our Logo

In days of old, seafarers depended on the stars and a compass to guide them across vast, featureless oceans. The compass rose, with its eight cardinal and ordinal points, resembles a star itself, and was known as the stella maris, the 'star of the sea'. But there are places to which an ordinary compass will not guide you. The ancient symbol of a nine-pointed star took this into account, with its ninth point symbolically indicating the way to such unfound places. It points in an unexpected direction, toward a destination as yet undiscovered. Such destinations have always called explorers and seekers to distant horizons.

We at Apex Expeditions have adopted the nine-pointed star as our symbol because its meaning aligns with our own philosophy of discovery and adventure. We believe that following in the direction of the ninth point of the compass will always lead us to a destination beyond the ordinary.

In an old whaler’s cemetery on the remote island of South Georgia stands a modest granite headstone that marks the final resting place of the great Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. On the stone is carved a symbol chosen by those he left behind to honor his spirit and perpetual thirst for exploration. It also alludes to the last words he wrote in his diary the night he died in that very harbor: “In the darkening twilight I saw a lone star hover gem-like above the bay.” The symbol is a nine-pointed star.