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    May '20
    A Pollywog No More!

    Podcast: A Pollywog No More!

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    Ahoy, mateys! Avast, ye swabs! Last summer, on a voyage to Wrangel Island, Kevin Clement was asked to tell a sea story. Making the request was Paul North, founder of a conservation nonprofit called Meet the Ocean. The result is a harrowing podcast concerning Kevin’s first time Crossing the Line, and his disgusting and dangerous transition from a polliwog to a shellback. Shiver me timbers!

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2 Comments on Podcast: A Pollywog No More!

    Patti Malloy says:

    OMG!!! Kevin what an incredible story. That was spine tingling. I’m so impressed that you stayed so calm, kept your wits and had the strength to swim that hard and fast. I assume that we won’t be thrown overboard during our Coastal Alaska voyage in July (Hahaha). Hope the trip will happen. Have fun and thanks for the story.

    Chris Andrew says:

    As usual your story telling is enthralling Kevin – hope to hear more in the not so distant future.

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