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    May '20

    Ingrid and the Icebreaker

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    Last summer, Kevin Clement and Ingrid Nixon took a group of intrepid Apex travelers to the end of the earth…literally. On their voyage to the North Pole, they had the experience of watching their massive nuclear icebreaker crush through hard, heavy ice. But all that breaking and crushing turned out to have unexpected consequences for those on board—which Kevin captured on video.

8 Comments on Ingrid and the Icebreaker

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    That was a wonderful trip! St. Petersburg, Murmansk and the North Pole.
    Great company and thanks for the memories.

    Jean Wick says:

    Wonderful photography and the sounds terrific too. But I miss hearing your lovely voice.

    Our best to you and Kevin and the rest of the Apex team. We miss traveling with you.

    Stay safe and healthy.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Just wow!

    Ken Burke says:

    This expedition on the atomic icebreaker was totally fabulous. I would take any trip with Ingrid and Kevin, anywhere! They are The Absolute BEST!!

    Jill Sullivan says:

    It was a wonderful trip, one of the best. I don’t remember the bubbly dinner!

    Karen Hoffman says:

    Oh, how I want to be on an icebreaker again!

    Harvie Branscomb says:

    Yayoi and I shared that trip with Kevin and Ingrid. As you can see going to the North Pole on a 70,000 HP Russian nuclear icebreaker is like spending 5 days in a never ending major earthquake. And you do get used to it. And the food and wine is excellent and not particularly Russian. We recommend the trip especially to be able to meet the other passengers who are equally certain it makes sense to visit the North Pole.

    Joe Velas says:

    OH, How I wish I’d been there, it looks like a grand chance to see the top of the world.

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