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    May '20

    How to make traditional South African Bobotie

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    How do you spend your time while you’re confined to quarters by social distancing rules? Why, you eat, of course. And after you eat? Well, you eat some more. But before you eat, you have to make the food, and many people with extra time on their hands have been inspired to take on elaborate culinary challenges. One of those is our own Richard Visser, in South African lockdown, who ventures into the kitchen in quest of something called “bobotie”.

    You can download this traditional South African Bobotie recipe here.


3 Comments on How to make traditional South African Bobotie

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    That was fun! Wasn’t hungry for lunch until I watched but it looked delicious!

    Marilyn Armel says:

    After I had bobotie first time in South Africa I came home and tried various recipes. Now one of my go to group recipes.

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow. That looks delicious!! But I’ll admit was waaay beyond my culinary capabilities. Not only that but sadly my spice cabinet is woefully lacking. I’ll remember the name so next time I’m in South Africa I’ll order it. Yum!!! Thanks for sharing your recipe. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

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