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    Feb '21

    Pincoya Storm Petrel Discovery – 10th Anniversary!

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    Ten Years Ago, Peter Harrison Discovers the Pincoya Storm Petrel

    In February 2011, Peter Harrison organized and led the five-person international expedition team that made this remarkable discovery in Seno de Reloncavi, just south of Puerto Montt, Chile. Their discovery marked the first identification of a new petrel in 89 years and the first new species of seabird in 55 years. The new species, Pincoya Storm Petrel, Oceanites pincoyae, was named after the Pincoya, a Chilotan sea goddess who is said to be kind to mariners of the region. By naming the new species after a local deity, it was hoped that this would encourage the local population to protect and conserve their isolated region.

    Apexers Seek the Pincoya Storm Petrel

    In March 2015, an Apex expedition brought travelers to Puerto Montt in southern Chile. In this never-before-seen footage, Peter leads a small group of seabirders in hopes of seeing the Pincoya Storm Petrel. You can just feel their excitement as the group heads out on the water to make their first Pincoya sighting.

    A Rare Opportunity

    On this 10th anniversary of the discovery of the Pincoya Storm Petrel, Peter reflects on what was one of the biggest events of his professional life. And now as his latest book, SEABIRDS: The New Identification Guide, is nearing its launch date, Peter remarks on what a rare opportunity this has been as an artist to paint a species that he himself discovered.

6 Comments on Pincoya Storm Petrel Discovery – 10th Anniversary!

    Patti Malloy says:

    How exciting and awesome Peter! Way to go! 10 years, tempus fugit!! The Pincoya is quite lovely. It has much more variation in its coloring than regular sea gulls. Thanks for sharing such a fabulous discovery.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    That was awesome! Brought back some wonderful memories…in 2013 we visited South Georgia, Falklands and Antarctica with Peter and his team…and we did see many Pincoya Storm Petrels. And that was the best trip we have ever gone on…both for myself and Hubby, and many others have said the same. Have you ever watched Peter sketching? His completed work looks like a photo. Well done Peter and keep up the good work! Looking forward to getting that book.

    Brenda Blom says:

    Wonderful, Peter! Congratulations! Fun to see you after 15 years. We were with you in Antarctica in 2006. After watching with you the sooty-browed albatross in their mating dance on South Georgia, I wanted to learn more about birds and that interest has grown over the years. Thank you! We enjoy so much the three paintings we have that you did on that trip.
    Brenda and John Blom

    George Reich says:

    Fantastic video! My “Wildlife Guide to Chile” is out dated. It does not have that bird. Miss the exciting trips. Looking forward to future trips.

    Anne Wesp says:

    Peter, Congrats on this momentus anniversary. Glad I was along for the ride! Anne W

    Chuck and Jane Ince says:

    Peter, congratulations on giving us this wonderful bird. You are the best!
    However, you have given us much more with your enthusiasm for adventure and exploration. You are always up for a challenge in a challenging environment. Remember Lalibela Ethiopia in 2000?!
    Jane and I send you and Shirley our love.
    Stay well old friend,

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