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    Oct '20

    Peter and Shirley Have a Close Encounter

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    Peter Harrison and Shirley Metz have lived lives that are neither sedentary nor conventional. So when they both say an event is the strangest thing that has ever happened to them…that’s saying something. Their true story takes us back to Botswana 1993, when, returning after dark from a day’s safari, they suddenly found that, while they were watching the wildlife, something else was watching them.

5 Comments on Peter and Shirley Have a Close Encounter

    Shirley and Mike Ingham says:

    What an amazing story from you both! Thank you – you probably won’t remember us but we went to Antarctica with you in January 2018 – with Silversea. I was the other Shirley and my husband Mike! It was the most fabulous holiday and your knowledge of birds and all the wildlife generally was quite fantastic.

    Do hope you are both keeping well (you look just the same!). What a crazy time this is. I still use the glasses cleaning cloth you gave us with a picture of Shackleton’s grave.
    With very best wishes from us both.

    Lorenzo Malvarosa says:

    Fantastic story and you are always the best storytellers.
    Wish we could be back on an expedition with you.
    Yvonne and Lorenzo Malvarosa

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Thanks for that wonderful story. We were in Botswana once and did similar safaris…it is not difficult to visualize that “happening”. Everyone was in shock, hence no photos. Hopefully one day soon we will travel with you two again.

    Martha Foght says:

    Memories…enjoyed the story…wish we could do it all over again and travel with you. but time passes and the years pile up. We were lucky to travel to Botswana with our daughter and granddaughter Take care and travel safe. Martha Foght

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow Shirley and Peter. I’m left with shivers. Tim and I were in Botswana in 1998 but sadly didn’t see your sighting. How eerie yet how spectacular. Great great story. Thanks for sharing. Can you tell I’m finally getting around to watching these marvelous videos.

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