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    Oct '20

    Kevin Gets Slimed

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    It’s gross, disgusting, slimy, and it lives in swampy places…so it’s a perfect subject for a Halloween hunt. It’s also one of the most fascinating creatures on Earth, according to Kevin Clement. If you find the obscure corners of the world of life and the frontiers of knowledge interesting, take a little trip with him through the weird world of the Alaskan rainforest. And we sure hope that while you’re out hunting it, it’s not hunting you.

4 Comments on Kevin Gets Slimed

    Marilyn armel says:

    Is slime mold only in your forest or other places?
    A great new apex adventure. Finding slime mold.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Kevin: you’ve done it again! Thanks for the laughter…such interesting facts from such weird things. The forest looks interesting.

    Meg Symington says:

    Great post, Kevin. I took a grad school course at Princeton with John Tyler Bonner, a developmental biologist and the godfather of slime mold research. He was quoted in a 2010 interview “You can never be bored by them.” You can see one of his spooky videos of slime molds here https://www.princeton.edu/news/2010/01/20/video-john-bonners-slime-mold-movies
    Slime molds are extremely important to understanding the evolution of multi-cellular organisms. Thank you for shining a light on a little-known and under-appreciated organism!

    Patti Malloy says:

    Hi Kevin. I’m giggling at the ending of your most fascinating lecture on slime mold. I’d love to see in person that forest and all of the molds. I have to add that the new “slime” gunk that stores are selling for kids to play with leaves a lot to be desired as it it all quite messy. Thanks for this.

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