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    Oct '20

    Liam and the Kruger Witch Project

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    Student filmmakers stumble through a seemingly endless forest…it seems that no matter how far they walk, they always end up back in the same place…they find a tree festooned with strange arcane talismans…and come to a grim, decrepit old house. Sound familiar? If you saw the classic horror movie The Blair Witch Project, it probably does. Apparently, Liam Rainier not only saw it; he is doomed to relive it. Sort of.

2 Comments on Liam and the Kruger Witch Project

    Barbie Gibson says:

    It was sure scary and creepy. Not a fan of scary stuff, but had to watch it because it came from APEX. It suits Halloween!

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow Liam. First off overnight in the jungle without a tent yikes I’d have had heart failure by morning. The walk in the tree forest was beautiful. Great filming!!

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