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    Mar '15
    Patagonia adventure tour photo featuring herd of guanacos and mountains
    Photo credit: Shirley Metz
    Patagonia adventure expedition slide of guanacos
    Photo credit: Shirley Metz
    Patagonia tours photo of guanaco habitat
    Photo credit: Shirley Metz

    Patagonia Chile Tours: One Guanaco; Two Guanacoes?

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    Lama guanicoe, or Guanacos (correct spelling for the plural of “guanaco”) are humpless camels of the arid and semi-arid habitats of southern South America. Found at elevations up to 14,500 feet, they are related to camels, as are Vicunas, llamas, and alpacas. Standing between 3.5-4 feet high at the shoulder, they weigh up to 300 pounds.  Found in groups of up to ten females, the young, and a dominant male adult, Guanacos are the largest native herbivore in Patagonia.  Their soft, padded feet allow them to tread on soil and vegetation without damaging the environment and they obtain moisture from the vegetation they eat, conserving water like other camels.

    See Guanacos for yourself on one of our Patagonia Chile Tours.

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