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    May '20

    Birding in Belgium with Gerald

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    While we’ve all been grounded during this crisis, the birds around us have not. Watching them in their movements and migration may provide solace for some of us…for others, it’s a lifelong passion. Gerald Broddelez goes out trying to find some specialties in his extended backyard in Belgium…and if you’ve traveled with Gerald, you won’t be surprised to learn that he succeeds.

3 Comments on Birding in Belgium with Gerald

    Barbie Gibson says:

    The photography was excellent…very good. Enjoyed it very much.

    Margi Wiest says:

    So great to see Gerald! Loved the birds and their calls.

    Thanks for creating this for us!

    Take care everyone.

    Micki and Dan Kaufman says:

    Loved it! Tell Bo we said “Hi” and to you both

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