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    Jun '20

    Gerald and His Big Five

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    Gerald and His Big Five

    We’ve all heard of Africa’s Big Five…but who knew there was a Belgian Big Five? Well, Gerald Broddelez, for one. In fact, he may be the only one. But by way of some terrific wildlife footage, Gerald introduces us to the first creature on his obscure but intriguing checklist—an animal you probably don’t associate with Belgium at all. Hint: it has buck teeth and a flat tail, and seems to stay very busy.

4 Comments on Gerald and His Big Five

    Gloria Halverson says:

    Great footage Gerald

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Great footage…love it! Keep them coming Gerald.

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    Great footage, please keep it coming!

    When I was working NATO projects and frequently visited Brussels, I had a big three: moules, frites, and beer!:_)

    Patti Malloy says:

    Fantastic watching Gerald. Loved the ending tail video. Never yet have seen the tail in person. Maybe on the “big five Belgium tour”.

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