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    Jun '20

    Peter and His Feathered Friends

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    Peter and His Feathered Friends

    “I’m finding it very strange to be home…home…and home!” says inveterate traveler Peter Harrison. Nevertheless, like a lot of people, he is finding that this unfamiliar and somewhat uncomfortable situation has its advantages. These include a chance to get to know his own Pacific Northwest backyard in a way he never has before. And (wouldn’t you know it?) Peter’s backyard happens to feature some charming and gorgeous water birds.

8 Comments on Peter and His Feathered Friends

    Gloria Halverson says:

    We have had wonderful time in the woods and near the water this summer with many highlights (although the Sea of Okhotsk would have had lots of highlights).My highlight today is seeing and hearing Peter again- it put a smile on my face and joy in my heart

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! I LOVE that voice. I can listen to Peter tell any tale, such a great storyteller. Felt like I was on an expedition with him. Never a dull moment with this guy. Very interesting fact about the Harlequin duck – does not quack…wow!

    Byron and Sharon Braswell says:

    Peter, Thank you for your “interview” with the ducks in your backyard (quite a “backyard”, by the way). As usual, inspirational and educational. We really look forward to accompanying you and Apex Expeditions on your reincarnated Valparaiso-Tahiti cruise after the COVID-19 pandemic. And maybe Antarctica – again?

    Jean Wick says:

    Peter, just wonderful to see you and hear your voice. We have such fond memories of walking around your lovely property.

    We miss our Apex travels, travelers and staff. Hopefully we can resume in 2021.

    Our best to you and Shirley.

    Les Gibson says:

    The highlight of my day was listening to Peter.

    Gordon Petersen and Cathy Scrimshaw says:

    Nicely done Peter. Thanks!

    We’re also lucky enough to live in the country—in our case on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains—giving us a ringside seat to the changing of the seasons.

    The beginning of the Covid lockdown coincided with the spring raptor migration north along the Rockies. This year, some 2350 migrating raptors flew over our house, including about 1200 Golden Eagles and 400 Bald Eagles.

    The first hummingbirds arrived in late April, followed in May by the warblers and neotropical migrants (Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, orioles, tanagers, etc). The Mallards and Canada Geese presented their first young a couple of weeks ago.

    As we speak, the Ospreys, hawks, and resident eagles are working hard to feed their growing chicks.

    Perhaps some of the Harlequin Ducks you see during the winter are the same ones that live on the cold mountain streams near us.

    Like you, we usually have a “highlight of the day”. A week ago, it was watching a pair of Ferruginous Hawks delivering ground squirrels to their three voracious chicks. (I tried to attach a photo, but this comment box doesn’t seem to accept them.)

    Best Wishes!

    Jane and Chuck Ince says:

    Oh, gollee, Peter! The Inces so miss our fabulous times and trips with you and Shirley. Your remarks today take us back to those adventures together.. From afar in Florida, we love hearing about your northern ducks- gorgeous harlequins. Here in Florida at Calusa Lakes, we have to be content watching Sandhill cranes in our midst sounding unison rattle calls – “Kar-r-r-o-o”. They need your descriptive eloquence! Lots of love to you both, Jane and Chuck

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wonderful Peter. Can’t wait to be in person seeing listening and watching all of these lovely “personal feathered friends”. Have a great week.

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