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    Jan '15
    Ethiopia tour slide of fighting Geladas
    A Gelada standing its ground. Photo credit: Marco Tonoli
    Ethiopia travel tours slide of Gelada portrait
    Portrait of a Gelada in the Simien Mountain National Park, Ethiopia. Photo credit: Marco Tonoli
    Ethiopia tours slide of traveler amongst the Geladas
    An Apex Expedition traveler amongst Geladas. Photo credit: Marco Tonoli

    Field Journal: Amongst the Geladas

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    “At first it’s all peaceful, with eyes focused on plucking up grass, and a few grunts here and there. Then he picks up his head to see who’s around. Spotting an intruder he struts over to the unwelcome visitor, gives him a solid stare with eyebrows raised. Then its action time, lips curled back, teeth exposed and a brawl. These images were taken sitting amongst a band of over 200 Geladas in the Simien Mountain National Park on our Ethiopia tourone of the world’s greatest primate experiences.” ~ Marco Tonoli, Ethiopia Expedition Leader

    Join us on one of our Ethiopia tours as we return to Simien Mountain National Park for more incredible primate encounters.

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