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    Jan '15
    Ethiopia travel tour slide shows Mursi woman with lip plate
    Photo credit: Marco Tonoli
    Ethiopia tours slide of Mursi men
    Photo credit: Marco Tonoli
    Ethiopia tour photo of Mursi tribe body modification
    Photo credit: Marco Tonoli
    Ethiopia tour photo of Mursi man with gun
    Photo credit: Marco Tonoli

    Field Journal: Adornments of Ethiopia’s Mursi Tribe

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    “In the South Omo Valley, Ethiopia, livestock and land are a continuous source of contention between neighboring tribes. It helps in this instance to look fierce. Body painted, tusk bearing, AK-47 brandishing men protect the Mursi tribe, and woman pierce and stretch their lips to accommodate massive lip plates to make themselves less likely to be stolen by marauding neighbors. Yes, there are still places in the world like this and it’s a sight you truly have to see for yourself.” ~ Marco Tonoli, Ethiopia Expedition Leader

    Join us on our next Ethiopia tour as we return to the South Omo Valley to learn more about these enigmatic people.

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