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    Aug '20

    Gerald, the Lords, and the Ladies

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    Lords, Ladies, Titan, Corpse, Cuckoo—what do these words have in common, and what can they all be referring to? The answer, at least in the fertile mind of Gerald Broddelez, is “a flower.” Or, more accurately, a family of distinctive flowers.

    Gerald has previously discovered an astounding member of this family in the jungles of Sumatra. Here, he finds it again, much closer home. And, as he points out, its relatives are all around us.

3 Comments on Gerald, the Lords, and the Ladies

    Jack Stein Grove says:

    Thank you for this knowledge… I hope to have the opportunity to meet Gerald Broddelez one day. Commendations for this narration.

    I do have a question: Being raised in southern Pennsylvania the description you have provided, makes me wonder: Is the plant you are discussion in Indonesia, in anyway related to the plant I know from my homeland in York County, PA, USA, as “Skunk Plant” ?

    Patti Malloy says:

    Most informative. Thanks Gerald. That is an amazing plant!! I’ve decided not to order one for the house. Haha

    Gerald Broddelez says:

    Hi Jack. Many thanks for your nice comments and very much looking forward to meeting you too post corona.
    The Skunk Plant/Cabbage is indeed related to the Arum family and as many plants in this family it produces a foul odor when it blooms to attract pollinators.

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