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    Aug '20

    Duke and the Spotted Owl

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    Few bird names are more familiar to Americans than “Spotted Owl”. But this doesn’t mean they are easy to find. And if you’re working as a field biologist and it’s your job to find them, as it is for Duke Brady, it can lead to a lot of tramping around in the mountains. It can also result in (and we quote) moments of “unfettered majesty” and an “egregious glamor shot.” But in the end, will the owl actually be spotted…by Duke?

    Here are two great resources to learn more about the California Spotted Owls that Duke spotted: Los Padres Forest Watch and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

4 Comments on Duke and the Spotted Owl

    Patti Malloy says:

    Patience wins the contest. What a wonderful sighting. And such a sweetheart of a baby. Thank you.

    George Reich says:

    Wow. Such patience. Great pictures. I thought you could only see owls at night.

    Duke says:

    Good things come to those who wait! It was such a gift to witness such a tender moment. That behavior was only possible because I had hastily camouflaged myself behind some sticks and leaves. Thanks for watching!

    Duke says:

    Thanks for watching! You are correct, most owls are primarily nocturnal in terms of when they hunt. Many are additionally crepuscular (dusk/dawn), and the spotted owl is occasionally a daytime or “diurnal” hunter. You can often find them like this resting or preening in the daytime…if you have the patience that is!

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