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    May '20

    Jonathan and the Big Tree

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    A really big tree is a vital and spiritual presence. Jonathan Rossouw has one such tree in his backyard at his home in South Africa. He also has vast natural history knowledge, an Attenborough-like style, a tiny companion in the form of his son Nicolas…and an urge to climb.

14 Comments on Jonathan and the Big Tree

    Jean Wick says:

    So wonderful to see Jonathan and hear his voice. Great history lesson too.

    We miss all of you Apex people and certainly hope we can all get back to our most favorite adventure, traveling with Apex.

    Thank you Jonathan. You appear to be the most wonderful father to a charming Nicolas. He is fortunate to have you for his father.

    Merryl Levy says:

    This was a wonderful escape! You all look happy and well, so glad to see you all and listen to the beautiful story. Thank you and hugs from California!
    The Levy’s
    Steven, Carolyn, Merryl

    Alison Steadman says:

    What a wonderful story, Jonathan! I love stories of old trees, and I spent a lot of my childhood climbing huge trees in the countryside where I grew up. I don’t do it anymore, but you won’t be surprised to hear! Happy to see pictures of Nicolas too.

    Dan and Teresa says:

    Jonathan. So sorry we all were unable to cruise the Pacific this year. Great to hear your story and Nicholas is a charmer; he’ll be touring the back country in no time. Best to you and your family.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    OMG! Just awesome and very enjoyable. The little guy – Nicolas – was priceless! Jonathan’s yard is a magical garden. Solace and relaxation.

    Lajos Nemeth says:

    It was probably the coolest post/video since Apex was founded!
    Superb! Cheers from Hungary!

    Cindy Stegemann says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    Fascinating story of the tree! Of course Ed had to ask where was Jane (as in Tarzan).

    Fatherhood definitely agrees with you! You look so happy and relaxed–and why not with such an adorable son!!

    You are going to be so busy with everyone eager to travel with you!!! Miss you!! So happy for you!

    Margi Wiest says:

    So wonderful to see Jonathan and his beautiful family in his home environment and to hear his voice telling this story of such a magnificent tree. What a joy on this Saturday morning.

    We really appreciate this weekly postings keeping us all connected with Apex and all the people we care about there.

    Thank you for doing this. Praying we all are able to travel together and have many more exciting adventures with all of you at Apex very soon!!!

    Take care and stay healthy and sane!

    Johnna and Steve Bryant says:

    Jono! What a treat it was to see you, your adorable son and gorgeous wife enjoying your big, big tree! You all look so happy!

    We feel so fortunate that we got to see it in person. It really is the most gigantic tree I’ve ever seen; The history of it is fascinating, your story captivated us.

    We sure are missing you all, and can’t wait to get back to traveling!

    Cheers to you, your beautiful family and your super cool tree!

    Jo and John Millyard (Sydney Australia) says:

    Hi Jonathan,
    Absolutely loved the story of one of our special native Australian Red Flowering Gum tree. They are the most spectacular trees especially when in flower and are a haven for bees.

    Wonderful to see you at home with your beautiful family. Do hope
    we will be able to travel with you again one day.

    Best wishes to you.

    Angela Turnbull says:

    What a wonderful story about the tree. Great to see you & Nic together doing the video. Please give Nic a hug for me, he is so cute & sweet.

    Liz Beare says:

    I loved this and the history that went with it!
    A tree with a soul.

    Sharon and Jay Ogden (Antarctica Apex January 2018) says:

    What a wonderful escape from the day in company with your family and that awesome tree in our favourite place in the world. Enjoy each other and brief respite from exploring the remoter regions of the world. This time with your son is irreplaceable.

    Wayne Tamarelli says:

    Hi Jonathan. Carol and I miss travelling with the Apex team. It is good to see you getting up in the world, albeit at home.

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