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    Feb '21

    Liam Finds a Wild Dog Den

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    in Africa

    Apex field leader Liam Rainier spent a few weeks monitoring a large termite mound that he believed to be the den site of a pack of African Wild Dogs. He was almost certain there were puppies inside the termite mound. A telltale sign is when the dogs return from hunting and regurgitate for the members of the pack that stay behind with the pups.

    He had very recently seen the pack with a female that was heavily pregnant, so if there were puppies inside the termite mound, they would be less than a week old. Cautiously, Liam waited and watched for signs of the Wild Dog puppies. It was certainly worth the wait!

    Filmed at Kruger National Park, South Africa.

2 Comments on Liam Finds a Wild Dog Den

    Patti Malloy says:

    Oh gosh Liam. What an adorable footage you got of the puppies. They are so cute!! The description you gave of their nursing, hunting and feeding of the pups reminds me so much of how wolves work. Very similar. This is fantastic!! Thanks so much. Terrific that your son was there to witness the pups learning. Great experience.

    Susan Zellerbach says:

    Liam, what patience and excitement you bring to this Wild Dog video, and that includes your son’s fascination! Such marvelous footage. Thank you for sharing your expertise and willingness to keep all your fellow travelers engaged during this most frustrating of times.

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