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    Mar '24

    Why Travel to Madagascar with Apex

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    In this video, expedition leader and Madagascar expert, Marco Tonoli, shares his excitement for the wildlife and habitats of Madagascar along with some stunning images and video footage he captured on recent Apex expeditions.

    Madagascar — a fascinating wildlife destination

    Why travel to Madagascar? That’s a very easy question to answer. Madagascar will offer you something unlike anywhere else on the planet. 100% of all primates that exist in Madagascar are endemic—from small little Mouse Lemurs that can fit into the palm of your hand to the biggest of the lemurs, the Indri, with its whale-like song. The reptiles are equally exciting from cryptic-colored chameleons to bright, bold, almost luminescent Green Day Geckos. It is a remarkable wildlife experience.

    When traveling to Madagascar, one needs to be very thoughtful about the way you approach it. First, how do you travel around? And second, which habitats do you get to see. On the western side of the island, you have dry deciduous forest, and on the eastern side, tropical rainforest. In the south, you find one of the most remarkable parts of Madagascar, the dry, arid, spiny forest. And of course, the island is surrounded by warm tropical waters. To see the best of Madagascar and truly experience everything this island has to offer, it is vital that you get to all of these habitats. With Apex, we travel in 4×4 vehicles to get off the beaten track and deep into the environments we want to explore. Then we spend the majority of time on foot, which gives you the opportunity to get these incredibly up close and personal experiences.

    Explore Madagascar with Apex

    To learn more about traveling to Madagascar with Apex, or to join Marco on a future expedition, visit our Madagascar expedition page.

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