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    Apr '20

    What Is Kevin Up To Now?

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    Go Kayaking in Glacier Bay with Kevin

    We thought you might be interested to know what our expedition leaders are up to in our locked-down, self-isolated world. What does a globe-trotting naturalist do when he can’t travel, or a safari guide do when he can’t safari? 

    To kick off this new series we have a report from Kevin Clement, one of the few residents of remote Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska—where they pretty much invented social distancing. What does he do when he’s stuck at home? Well, when the going gets tough, it seems, the tough go kayaking.

8 Comments on What Is Kevin Up To Now?

    Pam and Don Mitchell says:

    Wonderful video and brief tour of Bartlett Cove. We were there last summer and enjoyed a similarly beautiful sunset. Hope to travel again with you before the year is out.

    Barbara M. Sirna says:

    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing. Looks beautiful.. fingers crossed to meet you on High Arctic Adventure in August.

    George Reich says:

    Great hearing from you. Thanks for sharing your incredible home. Please say hello to Ingrid. Sure miss her stories. Hope to be traveling with you soon.

    Jean Wick says:

    Kevin, so great to see you, even if from my self-quarantine in my house. Great video, thank you for bringing Glacier Bay to us. Hello to Ingrid, we miss all of Apex, but will be traveling again soon!

    Karin Goss says:

    Oh wow Kevin, thanks for doing that for us all to enjoy. Good to see you and know you’re happily where your heart is and in your element.
    Such a magnificent place is Glacier Bay.
    Love and Easter greetings to you and Ingrid from sunny South Africa.

    margi wiest says:

    What a beautiful place you live in. LOVE Alaska!
    Thanks for sharing it with us. Amazing sunset!
    Hope to see you somewhere on the road soon!!

    Patti Malloy says:

    OH my goodness Kevin. How magnificent is your area of residence. What a wonderful video. Can’t wait to see Glacier Bay. Thank you for sharing your home waters with us. Hugs and a huge Happy Easter to you and Ingrid.

    Rita Schuman says:

    Well at little late in making my comment but loved the “tour” and it certainly brought peace and serenity as I watched the video while in lock down. Hope to see you soon.

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