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    Apr '20

    Greetings from Jonathan in South Africa

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    Join Jonathan for a Chat

    We thought you might be interested to know what our expedition leaders are up to in our locked-down, self-isolated world. What does a globe-trotting naturalist do when he can’t travel, or a safari guide do when he can’t safari? 

    Few human beings have the kind of energy and lust for exploration that Jonathan Rossouw does. Few countries have imposed the kind of draconian restrictions on movement that South Africa has. The collision between this unstoppable force and this immovable object could’ve been disastrous, except for two things: the cutest baby and the biggest egg you’ve ever seen!

15 Comments on Greetings from Jonathan in South Africa

    Cindy Stegemann says:

    Johnathan thank you so much of the video. The baby is adorable, I am so happy for you!!

    Kimberly and I are ready for another trip with you. Ed and I are are well. Our beloved MacDuffy went bye bye 9 weeks ago, but we now have a 2 year old mostly Tibetan Terrier who is adorable. Dylan has postponed his wedding until August 1. Hopefully all be fine by then – I use the term hopefully with optimism! I will miss you next week on my 82nd Birthday! Florida is not quite Africa.

    Take in all the joy of your son!! Hugs, Cindy

    Timothy Sparks says:

    Damn Big Egg. Must be a Do-do bird. Terrie and I are doing well keeping safe. Congratulations Jonathan you look happy. I am writing my 5th novel and hopefully I will publish soon. I self-published a short story book; Pipe Dreams and Nightmares. Mostly I am having fun. I inherited 3 grandsons 12, 7 and 2. Unfortunately they are 400 miles away in Redding CA. Well my friend good luck to you and stay safe and healthy. Cheers, Tim

    Pam and Don Mitchell says:

    Great to see and hear you Jonathan, The pollyanna in me is still in hopes that we will be able to travel with you before the year is out. We too are in full quarantine in our retirement community. We have to order even groceries on-line and have them delivered. But we will drink a toast of great Washington wine to you and your family. Cheers!

    George Reich says:

    Great to hear from you. Glad you are doing well. Can’t wait till we can go exploring.

    Barbara M. Sirna says:

    Happy Easter Jonathan…. your baby is cute as a bug and love your Elephant Bird story.
    Best Wishes.

    Jean Wick says:

    Jonathan, so good to see you, now a father. You will have so much fun with that child, nothing brings as much joy!

    We were so looking forward to our March India trip with Marco, so we signed up for next year!

    Shirley Metz says:

    Jonathan! Great to see you, even if it is at your home – a beautiful spot on the Cape. Can’t help wondering what type of wine you have in the glass behind you on the bookshelf as you expound on the Dodo bird egg with wonderful, as usual, eloquence, and enthusiasm. Can’t wait to have a ‘chink’ in real reality, not the virtual kind. Can you imagine drinking ‘virtual’ wine?

    Roz Ruhl says:

    Hi Jonathan! Roz Ruhl here…and glad to say I, too am well… albeit locked down at home in California’s Bay Area! Well, troubled times indeed. It appears you are exploring your close environment in depth and with reflection. All good. Lovely child and indeed a true gift in your life. I was so glad to see you still have your wonderful teaching skills and I am very grateful for your educational and personal “short” of the Elephant Egg! I do hope you do a few more of the videos!? You are loved and appreciated around the world and, of course, by me! All the best,
    Rozzie Ruhl

    Antje and Bernard Madden says:

    Hallo from your neighbours across the mountain. Great elephant egg story Jonathan, and I see you are still enjoying a glass of wine whereas we in Noordhoek are starting to ration wine. We should have been somewhere near Tahiti now, but so glad Apex cancelled it in time. Looking forward to next trip. Happy easter and family time!

    Karin Goss says:

    Hi Jonno
    Thanks tons for sharing your elephant bird egg story with us all ….. and your fabulous little treasure.
    Life in the playpen suits you !
    Take care and look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Love from us both x

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Wow! Short and sweet – interesting….that is one big egg. I have an ostrich egg from Namibia and thought that was large, but yours is bigger. And the baby is very cute. Stay safe.

    Patti Malloy says:

    Hi Jonathan. What an absolutely adorable little baby. You are so very lucky to be so fabulously quarantined. Your elephant bird egg is amazing!! What a fun story. Cannot wait to have this entire ordeal behind us so we can once again galavant around the world with Apex. Hugs to you and family. Have a fantastic rest of your quarantine time.

    Evelyne Ginesta says:

    Dear Jonathan,
    Congratulation for your lovely baby. You must be very happy and you have time now to enjoy it.
    We hope to travel again with you next year.
    Love, Evelyne and André Ginesta from Switzerland

    Rita Schuman says:

    Hi Jonathan, what a great story and how wonderful to have the information before I watched a BBC program that also mentioned the egg. Really enjoyed our trip to the Arctic last summer and was sorry you were not on the boat as you were the impetus behind my signing up to see the polar bears. Hope to travel with you again soon and congratulations on your adorable son.

    Dietrich W Roloff says:

    Congratulations, Jonathan! You can consider our viewing of your playmate as a pediatric telemedicine visit confirming good health and development.
    Dieter and Mary Ann

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