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    Jul '22

    Elephants Congregating at a Waterhole

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    in Africa

    Apex field leader, Marco Tonoli, captured this close-up video of elephants congregating at a waterhole at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. 

    The Elephants of Hwange National Park

    Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest national park at 5,600 square miles. Over 100 species of mammals and 420 bird species call Hwange home. But it’s the elephant population that really defines Hwange. In fact, the park’s elephant population is one of the largest in the world with some 44,000 individuals.

    August through early November are the best months for game viewing in this park. In these dry winter months, water becomes extremely scarce and the animals congregate around the few pumped waterholes. Apex travelers have the opportunity to observe herds of elephants from an eye-level hide as the animals drink from a waterhole almost within touching distance.

    Learn More

    This elephant encounter is one of the experiences you can have on an African safari with Apex Expeditions. Learn more about our upcoming Zimbabwe expedition that visits Hwange National Park.

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    Barbie Gibson says:

    Awesome video! So many Elephants…what a sight to behold! Enjoyed watching it.

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