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    Oct '22

    India Wildlife Video: Bengal Tiger Encounter

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    This India wildlife video was produced by expedition leader, Marco Tonoli, on a 15-day Apex expedition to central and eastern India.

    India Wildlife Video highlights Bengal Tiger encounter

    We began our day before dawn, entering the park with the morning mist still hanging over dew-drenched meadows. At sunrise, the forest came alive with bird song, from the quiet purring of Jungle Owlets and rich melodies of Orange-headed Thrushes to the raucous crowing of Red Junglefowl. We waited patiently, carefully observing the sounds of the forest. We especially listened for the shrill whistling of the Spotted Deer, an alarm call indicating the presence of a large predator. Suddenly, we were rewarded for our patience as a majestic Bengal Tiger emerged from a hidden spot along the river and casually made its way into the thick grassland.

    Seeing India with Apex Expeditions

    Apex has designed a unique and comprehensive itinerary focused on seeing India’s iconic wildlife. In 15 days, you’ll travel from the tranquil teak forests of Madhya Pradesh to the banks of the fabled Brahmaputra River. Discover the best reserves in central India to see the sought-after Bengal Tiger and Sloth Bear, followed by time in Kaziranga in the east to see Greater One-Horned Rhinoceros. The variety of landscapes, fauna and flora is breathtaking.

    Learn more

    To learn more about discovering India’s wildlife on safari with Apex, visit our India expedition page.

4 Comments on India Wildlife Video: Bengal Tiger Encounter

    Kimberly says:

    This was one of the most beautiful video’s I have seen! Stunning encounter!

    Heidi Schmid says:

    What a spectacular video of this magnificent creature. Hope I can participate in an upcoming trip ….

    Sally M. Gall says:

    Wonderful footage and editing. Good music too!

    Patti says:

    Marco, You are awesome!! Anyone who has not yet been on this “tiger” trip with you, MUST GO!!! It was spectacular in every single dimension. I’ll never forget any of our wildlife encounters, especially the tiger!!

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