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    Sep '20

    In One Ear and Out the Other

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    The road to stardom can be a bumpy one, and sometimes at a shoot things don’t go exactly as planned. That was the case as Shirley Metz was filming her husband, Peter Harrison. What happened was purely accidental—right, Shirley?—but it does, she says, illustrate the fact that whatever she tells him, unless it’s about seabirds, goes in one ear and out the other. You’ll see what she means when you watch this brief outtake.

6 Comments on In One Ear and Out the Other

    D Byron Braswell says:

    Gosh. What perfect alignment and timing. Well done???

    Patti Malloy says:

    It took me three views to get it. Just a little slow!! Duh?? LOL.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    AAW! I thought it was OK…just Peter. There were no seabirds, so he had no more to say. However, if it was at Shackleton’s gravesite it would have been a LONG speech! Love Peter and Shirley and hope to travel with them in the future!

    Shirley Metz says:

    I had already started filming the segment when I saw the sailboat approaching from Peter’s right. This was my 4th take so I was hoping the vessel would tack but it continued on its course right into Peter’s ear. I kept the camera rolling to see what would happen. Sure enough, the yacht emerged from Peter’s left ear, as if on cue. So no, not planned. At least the yacht hung up a bit in his head proving that Peter has quite the bird brain for it to negotiate while it was “in there.”

    Jack Stein Grove says:

    Thanks for the smile but I was expecting a much more grandious blupper

    Barbara Sirna says:

    Had to read Shirley’s comment to get it! Was focusing on understanding name of body of water behind Peter…. not his normal loquacious self! But a classic once knew what to watch for.

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