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    Jul '20

    Liam and the Pangolin

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    Not many of us have had the incredible good fortune to come face-to-face with a pangolin in the wild. Pangolins—nocturnal, endangered, and elusive—are some of the least known of Africa’s wild creatures. They also happen to be some of the strangest-looking…like a cross between an armadillo and an armored dinosaur. But not long ago, Liam Rainier, making the rounds of his almost-deserted game reserve, suddenly glimpsed one out of the corner of his eye…

4 Comments on Liam and the Pangolin

    Margi Wiest says:

    WOW! On my bucket list of animals i want to see and experience! Can’t wait until we can travel again to try and see this magnificent creature! Well done Liam! Best, Margi

    Jim and Sylvia Franklin says:

    Greetings Liam and best regards from Sylvia and Jim Franklin. Really enjoyed seeing the video of the Pangolin. I had thought that they were only in Asia, India and China and hadn’t realized they were in Africa. Hope you are well and your family are weathering the Corona Virus. Right now Sylvia and I are scheduled for the Botswana trip April 2021. I don’t know if you will be on that but we hope we will have an opportunity to travel with you in the future. Jim and Sylvia

    Rozzie Ruhl says:

    Liam, my dear!!! Wonderful footage….you are a ”A superb presenter and wild life wizard!! I never thought the animal was that large!! I know you are getting incredible sightings in the “second Garden of Eden”!!!!!! Lovely to see you looking so happy sharing your discoveries!!! I do miss the daily wildlife wisdom you shared on our trips! I miss you! Love and best wishes to you and your family ….and wild extended family! Big hugs always!

    Patti Malloy says:

    How totally cool Liam. Thank you. What a huge guy. I noticed your two adorable kids weren’t in the truck with you. Bet they’ll love to see your video. BTW it was excellent footage. Whenever I get down there again hope I can see one of those amazing creatures.

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