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    Oct '20

    Kevin Is Lichen It

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    The dim vastness of the lush rainforest of Alaska contains many strange creatures…and we’re not even counting naturalist Kevin Clement. Some of these are plants; some are animals; some are none of the above.  No one is more fascinated by that latter category than Kevin, or better equipped to explain it to you…or more adept at inserting awful jokes along the way.

5 Comments on Kevin Is Lichen It

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Ha! Ha! Ha! That was too funny! How does he remember all those names. Next I would like to see how he cooks them. Very enjoyable. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    :-))) Loved the humor and listening to your knowledge, it grows on me!

    Karen Sinclair says:

    I loved this comment.

    Barbara Sirna says:

    I think it was a fascinating video…. despite the dreadful, awful, funny jokes! I’m sitting at my computer at my desk and wondering what fungus is within 20 feet of me…. Dust?

    Patti Malloy says:

    Oh Kevin how do you do it. Learning from you is so fascinating, interesting, wonderful and unbelievably humorous!!!! I only wish I had you as my professor for every single class I ever took!! Thank you. I would love to see that forest and all of those beautiful shrooms. Thank you.

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