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    Oct '20

    Gerald Gets Badgered

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    As one of the top bird and mammal watchers on the planet, Gerald Broddelez has ticked off many creatures on many lists. And now he has created a list of his own: The Big Five of Belgium. The first animal he checked off was beavers. Then he proceeded to set himself a much greater challenge: the elusive and nocturnal badger. But if anyone can track—and film—this mysterious creature, Gerald is the one.

    Or, to put this a different way: Broddelez brought us busy beavers before burrowing badgers, bounteously boosting his burgeoning Belgian Big Five. What’s next? Boars? Bats? Barnacles? We’ll find out by and by, baby.

3 Comments on Gerald Gets Badgered

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Lovely tale of the Badger…enjoyed it. Keep on filming Gerald!

    margi wiest says:

    Great photos of those badgers!

    Patti Malloy says:

    Fantastic footage Gerald. Loved it. I had no knowledge about badgers. They look so cute with their striping. But what voracious eaters!! Am enjoying getting to know the Belgium “5”. .

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