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    Jul '14
    Artwork by Kevin Clement of a gull reflection
    Reflection of a Gull by Kevin Clement
    Painting by Kevin Clement shows a whistling kite
    A Whistling Kite by Kevin Clement
    Painting by Kevin Clement of Toucan bird
    Keel-billed Toucan by Kevin Clement
    Artwork by Kevin Clement of King Penguins in St Andrews Bay of South Georgia Island
    King Penguins in St. Andrews Bay on South Georgia Island by Kevin Clement
    Painting by Kevin Clement of Emperor Penguins at Cape Washington, Antarctica
    Emperor Penguin colony, Cape Washington by Kevin Clement
    Painting by Kevin Clement of an Atlantic puffin
    Atlantic Puffin at Latrabjarg by Kevin Clement

    An Artist’s Ode to Birding Experts

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    I work with some top-flight, world-class bird experts. (You notice I refrained from saying “bird fanatics” or “bird freaks” or “twitchers”. One reason I refrained is that those labels don’t really apply to the individuals I’m talking about—they happen to be excellent all-around naturalists with a special affinity for birds. Another reason is that I love going birding with experts—it’s a great learning experience, and birding expeditions tend to go to the wildest and most adventuresome places–and if I insult them, they might not take me anymore.)

    But besides finding and identifying birds while on a wildlife travel adventure, I love drawing them. My colleagues tend to carry binoculars and a camera; I carry binoculars and a sketchbook (and a field guide, which they seldom need). I can’t claim to have seen as many birds as they have, but over the years, I’ve drawn quite a few. So, with a grateful nod to my bird-crazy—I mean, bird-expert—friends, here’s a small collection of bird sketches I’ve done in the field.

    Learn more about Expedition Leader, Kevin Clement, on his bio page.

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