Apex Expeditions leader Kevin Clement

Kevin Clement

The thing that I love is wild country—exploring it, learning about it, drawing it, and helping others discover it. Working in expedition travel, I get to do all four.

Sub-Antarctic Islands cruises slide of boardwalk on Campbell Island

Campbell Island, part of New Zealand’s sub-Antarctic archipelago, is wild, rugged, remote, inaccessible, and harbors an amazing collection of endemic flora—my version of paradise.

Adventure tours slide of Apex Expeditions leader Kevin Clement taking a photo

A typical picture of me in every way—backpacking in the Alaska Range, lying on my belly, taking a macro photo of a lousewort.

Alaska wildlife tours image of a Prickly Rose in Denali National Park

For a few weeks each summer, the boreal forests of Canada and Alaska light up with the blossoms of the Prickly Rose (Rosa acicularis).

Denali tour photo showing Grizzly bear and cubs in Denali National Park, Alaska

A Grizzly Bear cub (Ursus arctos) may spend three years with its mother, learning the complex skills it will need to survive in a demanding environment.

Antarctica cruise slide of Emperor Penguins artwork by Kevin Clement

Emperor Penguins (Aptenodytes forsteri) are curious creatures, and will approach any foreign object they see on the ice—for example me, lying there with my sketchbook.

Denali tour slide of tundra landscape and mountains

The tundra that lies beyond the northern tree line is itself a kind of miniature forest, and many of the “trees” turn colors in the fall.

Expedition Leader Kevin Clement

Not many people can say they live year-round inside Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park (the actual number is about 10), but Kevin Clement is one. He also lived for many years in Denali National Park. Nowadays, however, he spends most of his time guiding ecotourism and adventure travel trips on all seven continents.

Kevin has served as the Denali Foundation instructor for natural history and as a boat operator in Glacier Bay’s wilderness waters. For several years he worked with the sled dogs of Denali, rebuilding sleds in the summer and patrolling in the winter. As a Certification Instructor for the Wilderness Education Association he led month-long outdoor leadership courses under the auspices of the University of Alaska. He has lived in several other national parks and has guided groups in whitewater rafts, on cross-country skis, by dog sled, and on foot, earning certifications in scuba diving, swiftwater rescue, and wilderness medicine, as well as a Coast Guard Master’s license. Most recently he’s been coordinating and leading sea kayaking excursions in Antarctica and the Arctic. Kevin is also a veteran of Central and South America, designing expeditions to Nicaragua, Panama, Uruguay and Paraguay for Apex. 

And as he always has, he still draws and paints. His first career was as an illustrator, and his work has appeared in various juried art shows, several times winning juror’s or people’s choice awards. He never travels without his sketchbook. Or his sense of humor.

“Kevin is the consummate Renaissance Man, possessing a poetic and artistic take on the world that adds a fascinating dimension to his interpretation as you explore alongside him.”

-Judy M., Hawaii

Kevin's Expeditions

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands (January 3–22, 2019) green arrow linking to Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

Travel to the best wildlife spots with our expert expedition team on this small-ship cruise.

Cuba (February 11–25, 2019) green arrow linking to Cuba

An in-depth exploration of Cuba’s natural and cultural gems. Highlights include four UNESCO World Heritage sites and a plethora of endemics including the world’s smallest bird—the Bee Hummingbird.

British Isles (May 21 – June 3, 2019) green arrow linking to British Isles

Discover the remote coastlines of Great Britain and Ireland, exploring geological wonders, archeological sites, and rugged cliffs alive with massive seabird colonies.

Newfoundland & Labrador (June 23 – July 7, 2019) green arrow linking to Newfoundland & Labrador

Immerse yourself in Newfoundland & Labrador’s spectacular landscapes, geological phenomena, abundant wildlife, and friendly people on this surprising 15-day adventure.

North Pole (July 18–30, 2019) green arrow linking to North Pole

Join Apex at 90° North, the geographical top of the world. Search for Polar Bear and Pacific Walrus as you crush through Arctic ice on the world’s most powerful icebreaker.

Russian Arctic with Wrangel Island (August 10–23, 2019) green arrow linking to Russian Arctic with Wrangel Island

See Polar Bears and Pacific Walrus on Wrangel Island, visit Chukotka’s indigenous villages, and look for Gray Whales in the Chukchi and Bering Seas.

Alaska (August 29 – September 12, 2019) green arrow linking to Alaska

Glacier walks, flightseeing, and nature hikes abound on this immersive journey into Alaska’s wilderness. Search for Moose, Caribou, Golden Eagles and Brown Bears.

Western Mongolia (September 28 – October 13, 2019) green arrow linking to Western Mongolia

Witness the magnificent Golden Eagle Festival, stay in traditional ger camps, search for wild horses, and track Snow Leopards in the lower-altitude Altai Mountains.

Cuba (January 12–26, 2020) green arrow linking to Cuba

An in-depth exploration of Cuba’s natural and cultural gems. Highlights include four UNESCO World Heritage sites and a plethora of endemics including the world’s smallest bird—the Bee Hummingbird.

Chile to Tahiti (March 17 – April 10, 2020) green arrow linking to Chile to Tahiti

A South Pacific odyssey with awe-inspiring scenery, world-class snorkeling, huge concentrations of seabirds, and fascinating history at both Easter and Pitcairn Islands.

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Ursus arctos

The Grizzly Bear is the largest land carnivore on earth. The biggest males may weigh over a ton. Despite its massive size, on a short haul it can outrun a racehorse. Or give the best human sprinter a 60-yard head start in a 100-yard dash, and still win. To see an animal that big move that fast is a shocking experience.