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    Jun '20

    Jonathan and the Toad

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    Jonathan and the Toad

    Safaris are where you find them. Even a safari in your own garden can be an exciting event. This is especially true if your garden is situated where Jonathan Rossouw’s is, in the Cape Region of Africa, and it happens to be populated with colorful avian and amphibian rarities. And most especially if you have a sturdy (though diminutive) safari companion like Nicolas.


5 Comments on Jonathan and the Toad

    Cindy Stegemann says:

    Quite fascinating! And here I thought my saving a toad from drowning in the pool yesterday was special because I was hoping it would turn into a prince!
    You are always so interesting Jonathan and of course it is such a joy to see you and your darling son, Nicolas, together!
    Ciao Cindy

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Wow! Very enjoyable — everyone should have a Dad like Jonathan!

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow Jonathan what a marvelous backyard you have. Nicholas is growing up so fast. He’s adorable. Loved watching the leopard toad and seeing the other critters you have access to right at home. Can’t wait to see everything in person.

    Jerry Pallotta says:

    Jonathan. Thank you! I was in Antarctica with you! What a joy. Text me an address. I want to send you some books.

    Karen Hoffman says:

    Really cool toad! But even better was that amazing Zozobra onesie!!

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