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    Jun '20

    How to Build Your Own Bird Feeder

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    Feeding the Birds… and Blake

    Richard Visser loves watching the birds of Africa. He also loves ranging far and wide to find them—something he can’t do right now. So, if you can’t go out and find the birds, you have to find a way to bring them to you. Fortunately, Rich is a highly resourceful naturalist—and he has his young son Blake to “help” him.

2 Comments on How to Build Your Own Bird Feeder

    Susan Zellerbach says:

    What a clever idea. I will definitely try it. Hopefully, the squirrels and crows that have been taking over my yard and entertaining me, won’t tear the roll apart!

    Patti Malloy says:

    How wonderfully clever!!! Can’t wait to share this idea with my friends who have lots of bird feeders in their yard. None like this one. Blake is just adorable. Hope his grandparents are able to enjoy his company. Have fun.

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