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    Feb '15
    Japan Winter Wildlife expedition photo of flying Red-crowned Cranes

    Red-crowned Cranes in flight beneath Japan’s winter sky ©Peter Harrison

    Japan’s Winter Wildlife expedition photo of several Red-crowned Cranes

    The “Winter Dance” of the Red-crowned Cranes ©Edith Barschi

    Japan Winter Wildlife tour photo of a Red-crowned Crane

    Japan’s Red-crowned Crane dance ©Peter Harrison

    Japan wildlife tours photo of White-tailed Sea Eagle

    White-tailed Eagle in flight ©Peter Harrison

    Japan birding tours image of two Ural Owls

    Ural Owls ©Peter Harrison

    Field Journal: Japan’s Winter Wildlife Adventure

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    Our Japan winter wildlife expedition is now into its second week. The team has been enjoying picture-perfect conditions under powder-blue skies with white winter landscapes of mountains, plains, and forests. The wildlife viewing and photographic opportunities have been outstanding with dancing Red-crowned Cranes, White-tailed Eagles, and Ural Owls to mention just a few. The “Winter Dance” of the Red-crowned Cranes was especially magical.  Among the largest of cranes, they move rhythmically, like tango dancers and then throw their heads back trumpeting loud, flirting calls as they leap up to 6-feet in the air. An APEX travel experience not to be missed! Our next stop – the Shiretoko Peninsula with Steller’s Sea Eagles, Red Foxes, Japanese Deer, and a plethora of seabirds.

    Experience Japan’s wildlife and culture the Apex Expeditions way. Visit our Japan Wildlife Tour page for details on our next adventure.

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