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    Feb '15
    Japan winter wildlife tour image of Apex Expeditions travelers at Akan National Park

    Apex explorers enjoying the wildlife sightings at Akan National Park

    Japan birding tours slide of White-tailed Eagle in flight

    White-tailed Eagle with its catch. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Japan birdwatching tours slide of Stellers Sea Eagle

    Steller’s Sea Eagle on Japan’s Shiretoko Peninsula. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Japan winter wildlife tour slide of Red Fox on snow

    Red Fox on fresh snow. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Japan winter travel tour slide of Japanese deer

    Japanese Deer in Akan National Park, Japan. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Japan birding tour image of Blakiston’s Fish Owl

    The rare Blakiston’s Fish Owl. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Japan winter travel image showing Lake Manshu

    Winter wonderland at Lake Manshu, Akan National Park. Copyright Peter Harrison

    Field Journal: Wildlife Sightings on Japan’s Shiretoko Peninsula

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    Our visit to the Shiretoko Peninsula of Japan could not have been more spectacular or spellbinding. With over a foot of fresh snow, we enjoyed close encounters with Steller’s and White-tailed eagles, Red foxes, Japanese Deer and large herds of Whooper Swans. The greatest excitement, however, came with our quest for the world’s largest, and one of its rarest, owls: The Blakiston’s Fish Owl. There are only 20 pairs in Japan and Apex explorers had simply stunning views of two adults and a juvenile as they hunted along a wooded stream at night with heavy snow swirling all around.

    Our Japan expedition group is now en route to its grand finale in Sapporo to enjoy the city’s celebrated sculptures of the 66th Ice and Snow Festival. Stay tuned…

    View trip details: Japan Wildlife Tour

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