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    Sep '20

    Duke and the Secret Society

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    Duke Brady, we learn, has recently infiltrated a shadowy organization known as the IBBLA. In this classified report from an undisclosed location (actually more of a tutorial), he reveals the origin and purpose of this clandestine cabal—and more: how you can become a member yourself. And who wouldn’t want to join a not-so-secret secret society where the two B’s stand for “Bird” and “Beer.”

2 Comments on Duke and the Secret Society

    Karen Hoffman says:

    As one of the administrators of IBBLA, I would first like to thank you for the shout out! However, there was one error in your description of how to join that I would like to correct. A photo on its own is not enough to gain membership. If you choose to submit an entry through “IBBLA Prime”, we ask that you send us the submission form and a photo of the label – but this must be followed by physically sending the form and label to IBBLA HQ. An online photo by itself does not qualify! Keep hunting for those labels – birds and brew!

    Patti Malloy says:

    I haven’t heard of this group. However I have a 21 year old grandson who just might be extremely interested in joining the IBBLA. And of course all of his buddies would want to join. Thanks Duke. Am sending this information right on to him.

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