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    Aug '20

    Liam and the Little Ones

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    Q: What has yellow fur, blue eyes, and spots all over? And is extremely hard to find and incredibly cute?

    A: Watch the video and find out! You’ll see Liam Rainier, with skillful tracking and a certain degree of risk, discover some of South Africa’s newest—and most adorable—residents.

10 Comments on Liam and the Little Ones

    Eva Orbis says:

    So precious ❤️

    Rosalind Ruhl says:

    Liam my dear!!!! Absolutely heavenly! You are the best!! Priceless footage!
    Love and hugs!!
    From Smokey SanFran Cal

    margi wiest says:

    What a wonderful experience to watch these little ones so close and personal…look forward to watching and hearing about their progress.
    Thank you for sharing this footage with all of us.

    Alida Latham says:

    Just great!

    Naidine Adams says:

    Completely wonderful: thank you so much for sharing that.

    Lorraine Lund says:

    Wonderful to see those little cubs with their mother. Looking forward to viewing their progress. Thank you for the experience.

    Patti Malloy says:

    What unbelievable footage!!! Thank you Liam. Fantastic video. So adorable and so wonderful that she was showing off her little ones. No doubt a very proud mom.

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    Fantastic footage Liam! Way to go, can’t wait to see more.
    All the best.

    Alexandra Perle says:

    Thank you for sharing. So wonderful to see. A real treat!

    Salli Thwaite says:

    Amazing Liam, what a fabulous experience both for your team and for us. Really cheered up my day!

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