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    Jan '21

    Recovery and Resilience in Brazil’s Pantanal

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    Diogo Lucatelli is our expert field leader on expeditions to Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands. In this video, Diogo discusses the wildfires that have occurred and the quick regeneration that followed in this resilient landscape. 

    The abundant wetlands of the Pantanal have suffered a giant wave of wildfires of unprecedented proportions these past two years. While the government showed little action, different organizations jumped in to help, fighting fires and rescuing animals. Undoubtedly, the region’s fauna and flora were heavily impacted, and the landscape was hard to recognize for a while.

    But these are the usual consequences of a fire, which although eye-opening, will soon have faded. As rain falls over the plains, green is already sprouting everywhere, and the floods are re-fertilizing the soil through the wet season. Soon the vegetation is lush and dominated by a myriad of green tones. As for the fauna, wildlife viewing in some of the burnt areas is already fantastic as you’ll see in this video footage taken in the northern Pantanal, suggesting that it may not be long before it gets back to its prime.

    The blow was hard, but the Pantanal is resilient. And there are serious institutions, such as SOS Pantantal, with a very good plan to avoid another hit like that, building fire brigades throughout the Pantanal and growing consciousness over potentially harmful traditions around fire. The work of SOS Pantanal depends on contributions from concerned citizens around the world. If you would like to help in this effort, you may donate to SOS Pantanal via PayPal; any help will certainly be meaningful.

    Plan to join us on an upcoming Apex expedition to Brazil with Diogo Lucatelli.


3 Comments on Recovery and Resilience in Brazil’s Pantanal

    Barbie Gibson says:

    That was very interesting Diogo! And that’s good news too! I am from your neighbouring country Guyana and have never heard of forest fires when I lived there. However, due to climate change, we are having a few fires there too. It would be a shame is there were no more Jaguars in the Pantanal.

    Patti Malloy says:

    That was fascinating Diego. So sad that so much has been destroyed. You have made it sound very hopeful though. Nature is as you said very resilient. Thank heaven! Can’t wait until the restrictions have been lifted and we can all get back to traveling again with Apex!!

    Noreen Rudd and David Hoar says:

    Very enlightening, Diogo. We, too, in Canada, have had unprecedented wild fires and our recovery is much slower in this northern clime!
    David and I are on a priority list for your Sept 10, 2023 trip so hope we are successful in getting a spot. We’d love to join you for another trip.

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