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    May '20

    Birding in Marco’s Garden with Photo Tips

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    There are, it seems, a few things that Marco Tonoli just can’t stop doing, even in lockdown. One, of course, is spending time with his beautiful twin girls. Another is watching the gorgeous birds of Africa; another is taking impressive nature photos with ingenious techniques; and yet another is teaching people how to do the same. What’s really remarkable is that he’s managing to do all of the above all in his own backyard.

5 Comments on Birding in Marco’s Garden with Photo Tips

    margi wiest says:

    That was amazing! I need photo tips the next time I see you! Loved the images as always.
    Hope you and Taryn and the girls are doing well in the extended shut down! Hope to see you soon!

    Alison Steadman says:

    I loved seeing all those birds, as I am quarantined in Washington DC. It is getting hot here: today it is over 80°F. But we just had our long walk around the neighborhood, and while I could hear the birds, I wasn’t close enough to take any pictures.

    George Reich says:

    Fantastic Marco. Great idea. The one bird looked just like the Madagascar white eye.

    Af and Ian says:

    stay safe, and busy.

    Patti Malloy says:

    Fabulous as usual Marco. Your abilities and cleverness with a camera is amazing. Simply not in the cards for me. I have 4 niger feeders for finch outside my windows. Sadly this year none of them showed. Bummer. Oh well. Maybe next year. Have fun with the girls and the birds.

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