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    Apr '20

    Bear Hunting with Gerald

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    How are you spending your time while doors are shut and businesses are closed by the coronavirus outbreak? Reading? Watching movies? Hunting bears? Not many of us would give that last answer, but Apex leader Gerald Broddelez has been doing exactly that. Join him and his daughter Bo on an exciting expedition as they track the wily bruins in their native Ghent, Belgium. Funny hats are optional.


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    Patti Malloy says:

    Hi Gerald and Bo, The bear hunt is such a wonderful idea!! Love it. I haven’t heard of anything like that here, I’ll add “yet”. Ghent is so beautiful!! I’ve never been. It’s now on my travel list. Thank you again for that fabulous trip in Borneo. We saw an outstanding amount of everything, mammals, reptiles, birds and insects!! And didn’t we have incredible timing?? Have fun “bear” hunting in the city.

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