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    Nov '20

    Apex Live! Encore Performance: Kevin Versus the Ice

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    On October 24, 2020, an historic event occurred. It was called Apex Live!—the first ever online recap, featuring our field leaders. It was just like a shipboard evening recap…only different. The occasion garnered a great response. We asked each of our three presenters that evening to reflect on this time they have spent at home and recap about their own backyards.

    In this encore performance, Kevin Clement recounts in humorous fashion the sprawling near-disaster of his first kayak trip, first time in the Alaskan wilderness, and first time among glaciers.

2 Comments on Apex Live! Encore Performance: Kevin Versus the Ice

    Jean Wick says:

    I am always delighted to be entertained by you. Thank you for your story, yes, you did have a lot to learn.

    Our best to you and Ingrid as you continue your so very safe isolation.

    We are excited about traveling with Apex at some point!

    Patti Malloy says:

    I am listening to this story again and am soooooo glad that you got your sleeping bag back. Or we might not have you, horrors!! Very interesting way to learn a lesson. Thanks. Also in case the post didn’t work I adored the slime footage can’t wait to go there with you. Also loved Ingrid’s story of the stolen hearts. Very frightening!! Hugs to you both.

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