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    Nov '20

    Apex Live! Encore Performance: Jonathan and the Mountain Gorillas

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    On October 24, an historic event occurred. It was called Apex Live!—the first ever online recap, featuring our field leaders. It was just like a shipboard evening recap…only different. At any rate, it was accounted a great success, and an impressive number of Apexers joined us in real time. But if you weren’t one of them, or if you’d like a rerun, there’s good news: the event was recorded.

    We asked each of our three presenters to recap about this time they have spent at home, and talk about their own backyards. This week we bring you Jonathan Rossouw. His extended backyard includes much of Africa and the province of the magnificent Mountain Gorilla, a creature he knows well, and in some cases, on a very personal level.

3 Comments on Apex Live! Encore Performance: Jonathan and the Mountain Gorillas

    cindy Stegemann says:

    Loved it!!!! You look fabulous Jonathan! Ok I spent my 80th with you and the Mountain Gorillas, and after this presentation, I have decided to repeat the adventure on my 85th–which will be in a little over 2 years!!

    Don”t know if Ed will come, but Kimberly certainly will. We are going to be great grandparents! So excited–as is Dylan. Stay safe! enjoy your family. Cindy

    Barbara Pickrell says:

    Wonderful, Jonathan. Brought memories. Thank you.

    margi wiest says:

    Brought back very special memories of a place I love!

    Thank you Jonathan!

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