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    Apr '20

    A Barefoot Sunset Safari with Liam

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    Greetings from South Africa, where expedition leader, Liam Rainier, is restricted to staying in his yard, along with his family. But since his wife Alison is manager and currently caretaker of a lodge in a private game reserve bordering Kruger National Park, his “yard” is quite a bit more extensive than most. And it includes an array of African wildlife, as well as a system of boardwalks—perfect for taking Stella, 7, and Logan, 5, on a barefoot safari. 

4 Comments on A Barefoot Sunset Safari with Liam

    Barbara M. Sirna says:

    What a fabulous “Backyard”! I want to come stay there…. Must be a wonderful education for the kids to grow up with….One day…..

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow!! What an idyllic place to live and with such a fabulous family. It seems like Stella and Logan are already on their way to guiding. I’m very impressed. The camp looks fantastic. So many animals roaming around. It’s amazing!! You can tell that Alison does a magnificent job. Just another lucky Apex guide loving his time in lockdown.

    Rosalind Ruhl says:

    Liam, dear!
    Wonderful to see you and your family…and see you in your African forced “Stress Reduction” Lock Down. “Beautiful” none the less, in these bittersweet times, eh? I trust you will recharge your batteries for the future! Sending you smiles, safe hugs, gratitude for an amazing Ethiopia. You were/are a great gift to me and I know you are to so many others. Blessings always, Rozzie
    PS: I remain healthy, arm healed, and using my lock-down to organize 15 years of photos!

    R K Warburton & Kathryn Lemmon says:

    Hey Liam, Sorry to see you and family (lovely wife and delightful kids) are stuck on game preserve with nothing to do but walk the boardwalk and observe magnificent ungulates and colorful birds before sunset gin & tonics! Tough!

    We await spring here as I spruce up the lawns and gardens and walk 4 to 5 miles every day rain or shine to clear my mind. Kate and I alternate the cooking and luckily no significant food shortages so far. Not much person to person social life here in the States as we wear our masks and shelter in place.

    Stay healthy. You have a wonderful family. RK and Kathryn

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