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    Dec '20
    This photo mosaic was created by Kevin Clement using AndreaMosaic software.

    World of Apex Travelers

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    Apex travelers have always come together to see the world…in this case, literally.

    The pictures you sent us of you and your fellow travelers allowed us to create this special holiday greeting. Kevin Clement built this incredible photo mosaic using AndreaMosaic software. It is composed of about 7,000 tiles using all of your images. The program chooses the photos that most closely match the colors in the main image (in this case, the globe), and can also tint them slightly. The image above is small enough to view on this webpage but for the full effect, you can download a hi-res version that will allow you to zoom in and see the individual photos.

    Note: This file is a 104MB PDF. Because of the large file size, it may take approximately 5 – 10 minutes to open on your screen. Once open:

    • Chrome users can use the + and – signs to zoom in and out, and click the down arrow to download to your computer.
    • Safari users may need to click File >> Export as PDF in order to download to your computer.
    • Firefox users should be able to click to download the PDF to your computer.

    View and Download full size World of Apex Travelers image.


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