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    May '20

    Smokin’ Salmon: The Movie

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    What’s the one thing Peter Harrison is more passionate about than seabirds? If you answered “Shirley Metz”, give yourself 10 points. But if you answered “fishing”, give yourself 9½. Thus it is that in enforced isolation, Peter has taken up smoking—smoking salmon, that is. This is an art at which he is a master. To see how he does it, join us for Smokin’ Salmon—The Movie.

    As we mention in the movie, our favorite Smokin’ Salmon recipe comes from a book we love called, The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook by Ann Chandonnet. You can download the Smokin’ Salmon recipe here

    Happy cooking! 

    Peter and Shirley


6 Comments on Smokin’ Salmon: The Movie

    Pam and Don Mitchell says:

    Fabulous feast and movie. Julia Child can’t hold a candle to you two. If we ever get to travel together again, bring some of your smoked salmon for the rest of us Northwesterners (and everyone else of course!)

    Patti Malloy says:

    I’m so hungry!!! That was wonderful to watch and looks unbelievably delicious!! That dish was always Tim’s favorite. Every time we had brunch out that was his order. However nothing he ordered ever looked as tempting. Thank you Shirley and Peter for sharing your time and chef expertise. The salmon Shirley caught is huge. I’m surprised that the rod didn’t snap into pieces. Have a wonderful remainder of quarantine. I think this past April had 11 weekends, though I might have miscounted.

    Steve Storrs says:

    Great video, you two stars. Sorta wanted to see more of the boat, Peter. I still have the picture of you and I fly casting for those (comparatively small) salmon in Russia. I’ll bring it along for a signature next time we can travel again. I have never ever caught a fish that big. Congrats Shirley.

    Ben Lizdas says:

    Loved the cooking segment and glad the bear didn’t steal any of your salmon. Couldn’t say I’d blame it for trying though. Stay safe Peter and Shirley!

    Jack says:

    My thanks to Peter for this informative “movie.” There are no salmon here in the Florida Keys, but I will use his recipe for mackerel.

    Gloria Halverson says:

    My mouth is watering just watching – yum!

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