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    May '20

    A Sketchy Day with Kevin

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    If you’ve traveled with Kevin Clement, at some point during the trip you may have noticed him slipping away from the group and finding a place to sit by himself. You may have wondered what he was up to…until he pulled out his sketchbook. Most of us use a camera to capture our experiences…Kevin, a gallery artist and former professional illustrator, tends to use pencils and paints. Here, he shows us how he does it.

4 Comments on A Sketchy Day with Kevin

    Patti Malloy says:

    Wow. Loved that Kevin. And I love your artwork. First saw it with a Zeghram trip to Antarctica, actually where I first made everyone’s acquaintance. TIm was always also impressed with your wonderful abilities in art. Fabulous lesson. Thank you. PS. Alaska looks fabulous as usual.

    Penny Meier says:

    Thanks, Kevin. Jim and I enjoyed that. Glad you are still wielding both brush and paddle. Hope your ear gets better soon.

    Marion Woodfield says:

    You think you know someone and suddenly find out that you didn’t know this person at all. That you are a former illustrator and gallery artist is simply delightful news. This was a lovely segment, Kevin.

    Margi Wiest says:


    That was terrific! Love your sketches!!!
    Thanks for sharing the process with us!
    It is beautiful!

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