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    Jul '21

    Protected Safe Havens Offer Hope for Rhinos

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    in Africa

    In this video, Apex field leader Liam Rainier discusses the plight of endangered rhinos in southern Africa and the protected safe havens offering hope that rhinos might once again thrive.

    “It’s so good to see rhinos living without human persecution, well-protected, their horns still intact, living free.”

    Kruger National Park is no longer a stronghold for rhinos

    Growing up and visiting Kruger National Park, rhinos were always the most common of the “big five” animals that Liam would encounter. Now they are rarely seen, the population of rhinos in the reserve having dropped considerably. Liam shows us an area where elephant and rhino carcasses are brought so that investigators are able to do autopsies—literally an elephant and rhino graveyard. This area accentuates the persecution these animals have received over the past decade.

    Their new stronghold lies in the secrecy of protected safe havens

    There is reason for hope. Safe havens have been created within vast tracts of land to form suitable habitat for both White and Black Rhino populations to thrive. These safe havens may, in fact, end up saving these species.

    Learn more about Liam Rainier and perhaps join him on an upcoming Apex expedition.

2 Comments on Protected Safe Havens Offer Hope for Rhinos

    Patti says:

    Fabulous Liam. Great video footage and inspiring talk!!! Thanks so much for sharing such a hopeful outcome.

    Maureen Louise Roemmick says:

    I agree, and thank you!

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