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    Jun '20
    Ingrid Nixon on the expedition to the North Pole with Apex.
    Professional storyteller Ingrid Nixon on stage.
    Polar Bear mom and cubs seen on North Pole expedition. © Ingrid Nixon

    Podcast: Polar Bears and an Inuit Legend

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    It’s hard to say what Ingrid Nixon would consider to be her real job: Apex field leader, National Park Service division chief, or professional storyteller. All of these are in her current résumé. But it’s clear that whatever she’s doing at the moment, for her, it’s all about the stories. So it was that her experiences on the Apex North Pole voyage, combined with an Inuit legend, became a story she told live on stage at the Forest Storytelling Festival in Port Angeles, WA, last fall.

    Listen to Ingrid tell the story





3 Comments on Podcast: Polar Bears and an Inuit Legend

    Patti Malloy says:

    Ingrid is a beautiful story teller, inspirational and emotional. I could listen all day long. Thank you.

    Ronald A. Enlow says:

    Thank you Ingrid!

    Barbie Gibson says:

    She is really good at story telling…have heard her before on past expedition. Thanks for sharing.

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