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    Jun '20
    Kevin telling us about his encounter with the Coconut Crab!
    Coconut Crab!

    Podcast: Who Grabbed Who?

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    Coconut crabs, found only on isolated, uninhabited islands, are fearsome beasts, the world’s largest land invertebrates. No one with any sense would ever come near one, let alone handle it. Enter our own Kevin Clement. His encounter on remote Henderson Island resulted, eventually, in a hilarious and cringeworthy story…with which he won a Story Slam competition last year. This live audio recording leaves some doubt as to the teller’s good judgment, but it does dramatically answer an important question: Who grabbed who?

    Listen to Kevin tell the story



4 Comments on Podcast: Who Grabbed Who?

    Jean Wick says:

    Kevin, so wonderful to hear your voice. We miss you and the rest of the Apex team.

    Hugs to Ingrid. Stay safe and healthy and we hope to be traveling with you again.

    Barbie Gibson says:

    Don’t regret listening to this…Kevin is a great story-teller. Thanks for sharing.

    Susan Childs says:

    Wish I’d been there….. taking pictures, of course!!!!

    Patti Malloy says:

    OUCH!!! Great story Kevin. You’re the best!! Sure miss hearing them in person. Can’t wait for the get out of jail card. Take care. Hi to Ingrid.

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