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    Apr '21

    Peter Harrison Discusses the Creation of an Art Plate

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    In this video, Apex co-founder and seabird expert Peter Harrison discusses how he created the art plates for his new book, SEABIRDS: The New Identification Guide.

    “The art plates are the very heart and soul of the book. Whenever I’m painting a bird, my number one priority is to bring that bird, that figure that’s on the page, to life. If I’m painting a towering Gadfly Petrel, I want the seabirder to feel the tightness of its bent and angled wings as it careens over the ocean in its wild, impetuous flight—the so called ‘winged runners’. Conversely, if I am painting a White-faced Storm Petrel, with its trailing legs and frequent splash downs, it should have the feel of a dancing butterfly in a flower-filled August garden.” — Peter Harrison

4 Comments on Peter Harrison Discusses the Creation of an Art Plate

    Kathy Keech says:

    Dear Peter,
    Will it be possible to order this book directly from you with your autograph? I have your 1985 edition autographed by you on our Antarctic voyage together in 1985. I traveled again with you in the British Isles in May of 2019. Far too long in between, but both so memorable and I thank you.

    Barbara Sirna says:

    Are we going to be able to purchase directly through Apex and have them autographed? Looking forward to getting a first edition!

    George Reich says:

    Fantastic! Visiting Egypt now and spending a little time along the Red Sea. i’m just wondering if you’ve included a white-eyed gull in your book?
    Looking forward to traveling with you soon.

    Don & Marilyn Kredel says:


    We look forward to your new book and most of all seeing you again in Antarctica.

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